Next Generation Firewall

Protect your network with cloud-delivered threat intelligence and defence.

Move beyond port/protocol inspection and blocking, to application-level inspection, intrusion prevention, and bringing intelligence from outside the firewall.

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Threats to personal devices and larger networks are changing every day. With the flexibility of a NGFW, it protects devices and companies from a much broader spectrum of intrusions.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Continuously monitor your network, detect malicious incidents and capture information about them. Identify issues with corporate security policies, deterring employees and network guests from violating these policy rules.

Application Awareness & Control

Get to see which applications are being used on your network and control this application usage. You can identify applications and enforce network security policy at the application layer through application blacklists or whitelists.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

View lists of malicious IP addresses, malware signatures and other threat indicators to help the secure firewall and IPS features detect threats and prevent attacks.

Secure your network with deeper inspection & better control over individual applications in your network

All-in-One Network Protection

Harness the benefits of:

  • Synchronised Security
  • Web and App Control
  • Sandboxing
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Email protecton
  • SD-WAN and VPN 

Comprehensive network visibility

The firewall should provide a holistic view of activities and contextual awareness to see threat activities across users, hosts, networks, and devices, where and when a threat originated, where else it has been across your extended network and what it is doing now.

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