How about Digitizing your Workspace?

A modern productivity platform is needed where all business tools are converged for centralized access and simplified experience. This platform provides elaborate mechanism for onboarding new business processes at the speed of light.

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Empower business productivity

Digital Workspace helps organizations maximize the value of current processes and successfully develop and maintain new ones. It provides the perfect balance of simplicity and power, for optimum output.

Content management

Collaborate on documents, integrate with YouTube or Microsoft Stream, display ideas visually, easily create flowcharts, add surveys and polls to a page and include a map of event location.

Task management

Give managers more control over subordinate’s task. Track tasks from beginning to end, delegate subtask to teammates, set task deadlines, etc.

Shared Calendars

Show case company event on your portal to keep employees informed. Event email notifications, personal calendars and team calendars.

Social Communities

Create rich conversations and keep the teams connected with social networks.

Get access to everything from one spot

Increased Productivity

When teams work in a common space, goals turn into accomplishments. Digital Workspace solution offers room to bring departments together and break the barrier of distance, bringing people into important conversations in real time and remotely.

Digital Workspace - Reliance Infosystems Products
Digital Workspace - Reliance Infosystems Products

Empower and increase team productivity

Establish a standard set of tools and workflows, with lines of communication to know what is happening and create a teamwork culture that encourages productivity.

Taking the Digital route is a positive step into the future

By truly representing the digital heartbeat of an organization, the Digital Workspace aggregates the collective thinking of employees to become a kind of “super-human” with digitized emotional intelligence.

Digital Workspace - Reliance Infosystems Products

Everything and more…

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