A seamless experience for your visitors

Digitizing systems by ensuring that visitors data are available seamlessly without time-wasting and ensuring that features extend to information such as visit log analytics and can be generated for each visitor request.

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Modern and Organized

Part of security in an organizational environment is the protection of your employees and workplace. Touchless check-ins will be the future for modern offices. With Virtual Receptionist, both employees & guests can check-in safely, reducing the risk of physical security threats and achieve a well-organized office environment.

Modernize your reception

This self-service reception allows visitors schedule meetings with representatives in an organisation, reducing the rate at which receptionists will have to create a paper log to capture visitors’ entries. It also increases productivity.

Notify your staff

The workflow capacitated by Power Automate can be used to notify staff quickly and easily – either via email or SMS. We have built handy features such as approval via email also.


Ensure sensitive visitor information is kept private, viewability of visitor’s’ name is removed by storing information digitally in a management system and accessible to only selected company executives.

Health and Safety Aid

As health and safety become an even stronger part of day-to-day business, you must know who is always in your building and their various locations in the building.

Excellent for tracking & behavior monitoring

Accurate & up-to-date visitors records

  • Record the Microsoft Teams meeting so people can “attend” or review the meeting later. The video of the meeting will be automatically transcribed. Viewers can search for specific terms and jump directly to the right part of the recorded meeting.
  • Too much time is lost hunting for scattered information and tools related to a project. With Microsoft Teams, you can access files, conversations, and apps in one workspace.
  • No more juggling multiple versions when reviewing documents, spreadsheets, or presentations as a team. Edit and review files at the same time using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote without leaving Microsoft Teams.
Virtual Receptionist - Reliance Infosystems
Virtual Receptionist - Reliance Infosystems

Work From Virtually Anywhere

Some sites allow people register by giving a name that could turn out to be false. Falsifying names means the facility has no real way of knowing who was on-site at a given time, rendering the visitor records ineffective.

Stay afloat, keep ahead; Evolve with time

As we are neck deep in the digital transformative era, it is time for a more strategic approach. Here is a solution that helps to systematically organize visitors and hold control of visiting hours where applicable.

Virtual Receptionist - Reliance Infosystems

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