An Intelligent Corporate Intranet

A publishing platform for organizational intranet needs. Corporate Intranet on SharePoint offers a user-friendly site with aesthetic features. The needs of portal development for any organization is met, linking in-house web applications and promote communication and collaboration between the team.

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Do more with your network

SharePoint Intranet portal helps you manage data and information easily, through personalized views. It helps reduce costs, time, increases productivity and effectiveness. SharePoint allows you connect with your colleagues in new and creative ways allowing information flow freely. It also makes file storage and document collaboration more people-centric, with touch-based experiences across devices.

Share & work together

SharePoint offers an innovative and modern platform for shared access, interaction, and collaboration. Teamwork can occur remotely and securely.

Inform & engage

Innovate, share ideas and make decisions with content management and collaboration tools that seamlessly integrate with other applications including OneDrive for Business and more.

Transform business process

Build robust solutions, deliver business value and achieve digital transformation. With SharePoint you unlock new capabilities and enhanced support of Power Automate, Power Apps, et al.

Secure & Reliable

Enjoy strong firewall protection and encrypted technology to protect data and internal communication from cyber-attacks. Corporate Intranet offer significant security and data privacy for all electronic communication.

Enhance productivity for better opportunities

Understand current business goals

Organizations have strategic goals that drive investments. To be sure that intranet is successful, there is need to ensure that it is aligned with these goals. These goals help prioritize intranet initiatives. At any given time, the focus is on the intranet initiatives that are closely aligned with an organization’s priorities and key business stakeholders.

Corporate Intranet - Reliance Infosystems Products
Corporate Intranet - Reliance Infosystems Products

Get rid of hiccups

Eliminates the messiness of the back-and-forth emailing of documents and other files. It stores and shares files from a SharePoint document library and all stakeholders can add content and provide reactions on a draft simultaneously. A paperless office increases productivity by digitally storing documents with searchable metadata. This makes for easy search, retrieval, sharing, and editing of all the documents in content library.

Move in the modern direction

The intranet is an ever-evolving component of any business. Focus on incorporating modern changes that will have the greatest impact to your business. Plan, schedule and track progress using site analytics to understand user behaviour and collect feedback.

Corporate Intranet - Reliance Infosystems Products

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