Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Attract and nurture more actionable leads using multi-channel campaigns across email, web pages, social, webinars, and in-person events.

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Tools and Templates

Dynamics 365 Marketing includes a collection of templates and tools that help you create emails that stick. Create your own engaging and effective landing pages that close the loop and bring in more leads. Bring all your campaign marketing information and activities together and improve organization and team alignment

Multi-channel Campaigns

These channels consist of email marketing, customer journeys, landing pages, LinkedIn leads capturing, webinars/events and more.

Lead Generation

Better understand what motivates prospective customers with a 360-degree view of every lead and customer engagement.

Event Management

Organize and promote in-person or webinar events, which include an online portal that attendees can use to review the event schedule and speakers, and to register for the event.

Marketing Insights

Maximize marketing ROI with clear, concise dashboards that help you track marketing activities versus performance goals

Turn Prospects into Business Relationships

Align Sales & Marketing

Connect and align your customer-facing teams, using shared processes and a single source of customer information

Create a single view of prospects and unify data across contacts, leads and customers with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Identify, target, and close top accounts with personalized, account-based content and nurture activities.

Track and Prioritize leads across all touchpoints with multiple lead scoring models and sales readiness grades.


Dynamics 365 Marketing - Reliance Infosystems Products
Dynamics 365 Marketing - Reliance Infosystems Products

Make Informed Decisions

Improve marketing effectiveness with prebuilt dashboards and marketing analysers or build your own custom dashboards.

Test and choose the right content using built-in A/B testing and the ability to include fully rendered dynamics content. Send messages at the right time with smart scheduler, and improve on open rates using spam score.

Better understand customer needs by monitoring the customer journey and gathering information using surveys.



How can Dynamics 365 Marketing benefit you?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing empowers your team to understand customers and prospects inside-out to design multi-channel communication on an easy-to-manage and flexible platform. Its’ embedded intelligence makes opportunity nurturing, content creation, and campaign management cakewalks for you. AI-driven suggestions, automated workflows, and custom dashboards provide an all-round view of the customer and team activities to keep you in the know. It eliminates your regional and global compliance worries and allows you to drive business with productive strategies.

Dynamics 365 Marketing - Reliance Infosystems Products

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